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Imran has contacted me like every other recruiter, saying that he has a position for me and if I would like him to forward my CV to the client.

After I said yes, everything went in a blazing speed. I've done the phone interview with internal HR in 2 hours, the phone interview with CTO the next day, flew to London within 3 days to have a face to face chat and a test, then a Skype call with COO the same day. After merely 8 days I had a draft contract in my mailbox.

And all the way, Imran has called me, given me the recommendations what to do to succeed, and always being a bright star in the quest for getting me a new job. I would've never landed this job if he wasn't there. I think he's an amazing recruiter with a correct focus and with the compassion and empathy which most recruiters lack.